December 30, 2021

Boost Your Immunity - 2022

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The choices you make today decide tomorrow.

It's time to flip the script Canada. Step away from the TV, drop the cases of toilet paper and listen up.

You can control much more than you think. While there is no magic pill or a specific food guaranteed to bolster your immune system and protect you from the new coronavirus, there are real ways you can take care of yourself and give your immune system the best chance to do its job against a respiratory illness.

4 Proven Steps to Boost Your Immune System

Eat Healthy
Ok, what does this really mean? Give yourself the best opportunity by staying away from processed foods, sugar, alcohol, fast food, etc. Yes, you read that all correctly.  Eating foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients has never been more important to you. Vitamin supplements aren't a bad idea either.

You knew we were going to say this. That's because it works.  Living an active lifestyle and exercising regularly is one of the best ways to keep strong and reduce internal stress. Anyone up for a Virtual X Run this month?

Lower Your Stress
Balance is key. Your body will do a better job fighting off illness when it’s not under stress. Learning techniques for managing internal stress, like meditation, controlled breathing or gratitude checks are all ways to help your mind and immune system stay strong. Stress is your enemy right now.

A regular sleep cycle is good way to strengthen your immune system. The sweet spot for sleep is six to seven hours a night. Naps are also key when feeling run down. Your couch is your friend today and tomorrow. Try to avoid eating or working out right before bedtime too.

Remember, we are in this together and our immune systems need to become a priority. Take precautions and take control.

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