October 1, 2022

24 Hour Hurt Locker

The Boneyard OCR Compound - Barrhead, AB
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24 Hours - 12 Challenges - 1 Goal

Mind, body and spirit will be pushed further than ever before. Bleeding camaraderie, endurance, strength & agility will be needed.

Open to athletes of all levels, this event is for those that are looking for an arena to find that outer limit and to see what can be achieved when given up to 12 dynamic challenges over a 24 hour period.

Mandatory Gear List
  • Working head lamp & flashing beacon must be on each racer following dusk
  • An equipment check will take place by race officials at the start of every lap
  • Cleats / Spikes of any kind will not be permitted or allowed on course at any time.
Suggested Gear List
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing : Multiple Socks, Water / Windproof Jacket/Pants, Trail Running Shoes, Gloves, Hat, Multiple Pairs of Socks
  • Pop Up Tent / Canopy, Flash Light, Tarp, Folding Chair(s), Space/Thermal Blanket,
  • Water, Gatorade, Electrolytes, Gels, Energy Bars, Meals / Soups (that can be warmed up in microwave)
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray

Event Format
  • Hurt Locker participants / teams will have 24 hours to complete up to 12 different challenges
  • Each challenge will be unique in terms of distance, obstacles / challenges, and rules
  • After every completed race, participant dog tags will be etched with a completion stamp
  • Each challenge will be RFID timed
  • Participants may only enter the Base Camp after completing a full challenge
  • Participants can ONLY accept assistance from CREW in designated Base Camp Area
  • This is a rain or shine event.

Completion Criteria
  • Hurt Locker Participant Buckle will be distributed to anyone that completes 6 or more challenges
  • Hurt Locker Finisher Buckle will be distributed to anyone that completes all 12 challenges
  • Participant Dog Tags will be etched to mark the successful completion of each challenge
  • Awards will be distributed based on the max number of challenges completed in the shortest amount of time
  • Awards will be given out to:
  • Top 3 Female Overall & Masters
  • Top 3 Male Overall & Masters
  • Top 3 Teams of 2
  • Top 3 Teams of 4
Schedule of Events


  • 9:00 am - Base Camp Opens
  • 12:00 pm - Event Starts


  • 12:00 pm - Event Ends
  • 12:05 pm - Awards
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Included in Registration

  • Hurt Locker Participant Hydration Vest
  • Hurt Locker Participant Event Bib
  • Hurt Locker Participant Ball Cap
  • Hurt Locker Participant or Finisher Buckle
  • Hurt Locker Completion Dog Tags
  • 24 Hour Base Camp

Registration Types

  • Individual
  • Team of 2 Relay
  • Team of 4 Relay

Base Camp Information

  • 10x10 Camps are available, arrive early to get your pick.
  • Base Camp Access is exclusive to participants, crew members & volunteers
  • Vehicle access will be allowed for equipment drop off and removal
  • Propane powered lanterns / stoves will be permitted
  • Mess Tent will be provided with Water, hot water kettles, microwaves for warming of supplies


  • Provided by Barrhead Fire & Rescue
  • Participant event removal will be at the discretion of event staff in coordination with Medical Teams

Event Sponsors

Orange Theory Fitness
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