July 18, 2020

Titan 12 Hour Black Ops

The Boneyard OCR Compound - Barrhead, AB
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The TITAN 12 HOUR BLACK OPS Challenge was conceived for the Warrior who has evolved to crave more. Crossing the finish line is no longer enough. A carnal fire inside doesn’t ask them, but tells them to push the very limit of physicality and mental toughness.

The TITAN 12 HOUR BLACK OPS Challenge is open to athletes of all levels looking for an arena to find that outer limit. To see what can be achieved when they are set loose overnight on a course to conquer the voice that whispers, “never stop.”

Mandatory Gear List
  • Working head lamp & flashing beacon must be on each racer following dusk
  • An equipment check will take place by race officials at the start of every lap
  • Cleats / Spikes of any kind will not be permitted or allowed on course at any time.
Suggested Gear List
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing : Multiple Socks, Water / Windproof Jacket/Pants, Trail Running Shoes, Gloves, Hat, Multiple Pairs of Socks
  • Pop Up Tent / Canopy, Flash Light, Tarp, Folding Chair(s), Space/Thermal Blanket,
  • Water, Gatorade, Electrolytes, Gels, Energy Bars, Meals / Soups (that can be warmed up in microwave)
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray

2020 Rules
  • Titan Black Ops participants / teams will have 12 hours to complete as many laps of the course as they can
  • NEW – A participant must finish the final lap after the 10th hour to receive the 12 hour Black Ops Medal.
  • Participants may only enter the Base Camp after completing a full lap.
  • Participants must complete each lap, attempt each obstacle and penalty loop (where applicable) of the course in its entirety. Skipping any obstacles or penalty loops purposely will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Participants can ONLY accept assistance from CREW in designated Base Camp Area
  • NEW – All participants must be at least 15 years old.
  • This is a rain or shine event.
  • NEW – 2020 Participant Categories Include : Individual / Teams of 2

Distance Patches

NEW – Distance Patches will be distributed with medals at Finish Line upon completion

NEW – All participants will receive distance patches for the following distances.

  • 32 km
  • 40 km
  • 48 km
  • 56 km
  • 64 km
  • 72 km
  • 80 km

Heavy Laps
  • All participants have the option to complete one or more Heavy Lap
  • NEW – Participants can start a Heavy Lap by registering at Heavy Lap tent
  • Heavy Lap consists of racer carrying a Heavy Bag around the course for a single lap
  • Heavy Bags are to be placed in designated area next to Obstacle during completion
  • NEW – Heavy Lap Patches will be awarded upon the completion of the lap. Participants can earn multiple patches

Schedule of Events


  • 1:30 pm Parking Lot Opens
  • 2:00 pm Base Camp Opens
  • 6:00 pm Access to Base Camp Closes.  All participants / Crew must be on site Pre Event Pasta Dinner (Included in Registration)
  • 7:00 pm Pre Event Briefing (Mandatory)
  • 7:30 pm – 930 pm 30 Minute Warning Alarm goes off
  • 30 Minute After Alarm Event Commences. No Obstacles open until 45 minutes after official event start.  (Siren will sound to open all obstacles)


  • NEW – 10 Hour Mark Participants can complete their final lap(s) after the 10 hour mark
  • 12 Hour Mark Hard course close / Post Event Pancake Breakfast / Awards

Register Today


  • NEW – Numbered Titan Black Ops Bib
  • Titan Black Ops Competitor Tech Shirt
  • Base Camp Access
  • Pre Race Pasta Dinner
  • Post Race Pancake Breakfast
  • Awards


  • 10 x 10 Camps are available, arrive early to get your pick.
  • Base Camp Access is exclusive to participants, crew members & volunteers
  • Participants / Crew must bring in all gear / supplies on foot.
  • No motorized vehicles will be allowed
  • Open flame will not be permitted. Cooking outside is strictly prohibited
  • Propane powered lanterns will not be permitted
  • Mess Tent will be provided with Water, hot water kettles, microwaves for warming of supplies
  • NEW – Colossovision LED Board showcasing rotating leaderboards & all participant profiles



  • Top 3 Male & Female Overall
  • Top 3 Male & Female Masters (40+)
  • Top 3 Male & Female Ultra Masters (50+)
  • NEW – Top 3 Male & Female Under 18
  • NEW – Fastest First Lap (1st Place – Male & Female )
  • NEW – Most Laps with Heavy Bag (1st Place –  Male & Female)
  • NEW – Black Ops Participant Community Vote Award
  • NEW – Black Ops Volunteer Community Vote Award

NEW – Teams of 2

  • Top 3 Male / Female / Mixed
  • NEW –  Fastest First Team Lap (1st Place – Female / Male / Mixed)
  • NEW – Most Laps with Heavy Bags ( 1st Place – Female / Male / Mixed)

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