2019 race Types


Get inspired.

These are not mud runs. Obstacles are a given. Letting them defeat you is a choice. 5km, 15 - 20+ physically demanding & mentally taxing obstacles. Perseverance, camaraderie & grit will bring you to the finish line.


Challenge yourself.

The Titan 6 Hour Challenge was conceived to satisfy those who have evolved to crave more. Crossing the finish line is no longer enough. These athletes are in the search of their outer limit to see what can be achieved when they are set loose on a course to conquer the voice that whispers, “never stop.”



When a carnal fire inside doesn’t ask, but tells you to push the very limit of physicality and mental toughness, there can be no finish line – only an outer limit of possibility.
X Endurance Races - Titan 12 Hour Black Ops / X Ultra / Hurt Locker


Hear the battle cry, Canada.

A challenge has been put forth and it is not for the weak spirited. It exists to test us and separate the strong from the idle – the devoted from the uncommitted. If you want find out what you are really capable of when pushed to your physical and mental limit, look no further. X Warrior delivers everything you need to test these limits and more.

Competition is for the disciplined and the focused, the adaptable and the courageous. Doing the hard work and putting yourself on the line is half the battle. True warriors are about more than battle, they are pillars of the community and they stand up for those in need.

This isn’t just a battle of strength; it is a battle of spirit.

Enlist now – victory can be yours.

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