Earn Your Battle Axe

In 2020, Respect can be earned Twice

Those that earn these newly designed coveted trophies will be amongst some of the most devoted and strong-of-heart competitors on the planet.  Determination, perseverance, camaraderie and shear strength will bring forth the 2020 X Warrior Battle Axe. How many will you raise in victory at the end of the season?


  • Complete one X Warrior Sprint in 2020
  • Complete one X Warrior Titan Challenge in 2020
  • Complete one Endurance Event - 12 Hour Black Ops / Hurt Locker / X Ultra
  • Your 2020 Battle Axe will be presented at your completion event.
  • X Warriors can earn up to 2 Battle Axes per season.

2020 RULES

  • Only completed events will be counted
  • Applicable events must be separate
  • Applicable heats include Open, Age Group, Elite & Kids Competitive / Junior
  • Events must be completed in 2020
  • Axes will not be shipped. Must be picked up in person


  • SPRINT - 5km
  • ENDURANCE – 12 Hour Black Ops, Hurt Locker, X Ultra
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